Women control more than US$216 trillion in wealth (World Bank) and are responsible for up to 89% of purchasing decisions globally (Neilson). They’re also strong savers and loyal customers. Yet, this market remains largely underserved. Only 65% of women have access to a bank account, compared to 72% of men…

An interview with Alexa Fernandez, Independent fintech and innovation advisor — by Chisom Ezeilo

CE: Please tell us about yourself and your journey into Fintech and founding Hourglass Innovations.

AF: I discovered fintech via Level 39 in Canary Wharf, London. When I was working in Corporate and Investment Banking, I…

by Chisom Ezeilo, Diversity and Inclusion Analyst at findexable

I am a black female who is enthusiastic about emerging technologies and how they can be used to solve basic human challenges in the financial sector. In essence, I am looking to become a thought leader within fintech. But upon entering the industry, I am made aware that I am disadvantaged because I am black and female. This directly implies that I have to work 10 times as hard to get noticed or to give myself an opportunity to be heard. Ideally, I am a hard worker so this doesn’t bother so much.

I am mostly concerned about the percentage of women founders who get funded by investors, the percentage of companies that focus on building products especially for women, and also those who struggle with getting employment in a male-dominated field.


Findexable exists to collect, assemble and sort the world’s fintech data

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